The biggest picture in the world.


Beauty of the World, Recording Details

Record the beauty of the world, replace the narration with vision, and experience the truth with details. The beauty of the world lies in the mountains, lakes and seas, hidden in rural cities, with macro-sense of courage, and micro-reflection of reality, becoming a historical classic.

Shot from 230 metres up the city’s Oriental Pearl Tower, the BigPixel image offers a 360-degree panorama of Shanghai that users can pan across and zoom into, so that even people and objects at ground level appear identifiable.

clearly seen in an ultra-high-resolution bird’s-eye photograph of Shanghai, created by Chinese company Bigpixel Technology.


The clarity comes because the image is made up of 195 gigapixels — that is 195 billion pixels, or 195,000 megapixels. As a reference point, the latest iPhone camera takes photos at 12 megapixels.


The image was created in 2015 but went viral last month, accompanied by rumours that it had been taken using new “quantum technology” fitted to a Chinese satellite.

The reality, according to Bigpixel, is that the image is stitched together from thousands of smaller photos taken by regular cameras with 600 millimetre telephoto lenses to capture close-ups.See it on computer :

More photos :

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