About Us

Ebdaat Newspaper was launched in 2015 as a colored newspaper printed with an advertising identity in both Arabic and Turkish languages, as the first advertising center dedicated to Arab investors and traders in Istanbul. And it was in a constant pursuit of development, so it entered the map as a supportive advertising method to introduce the addresses of investors and their workplaces, then it started looking towards the electronic side as a future for marketing and advertising, so it created a supportive electronic browser containing the folders of all the previous issues, as every new issue was covered and promoted on the newspaper page on FaceBook.

The newspaper’s success journey began from a small space restrained to some neighborhoods in the European section and has been expanding to cover all Istanbul European and main areas in the Asian section with more than 10,000 monthly copies distributed carefully over the past 4 years, and with the increasing need to attract the Turkish market by Arab communities Foreign and the goal to expand in this market that is full of different cultures and economic resources, We attempted to go to build the largest platform that contains several languages ​​to focus on economic and commercial aspects and link creators and innovators with the most important companies in the Middle East or companies in the Turkish market. And also focus on helping local and international companies to expand in the Turkish market and link them to our network of relationships on the newspaper’s website.

The editorial family of the newspaper tried to build an interactive platform that specializes and highlights the interests of all segments of the Arab community and has taken upon itself the responsibility to link Arab communities to each other and create a bridge to communicate through a specialized professional staff considered the mission of the newspaper as a goal and carefully sought to implement it by presenting an Arabian Integrated society that deals with all aspects of the daily, professional and practical life of the Arab community in the Middle East region. As we proudly care to publish articles of creators, inspirational, artists, and experts on our platform to show fruitful content and network creative and youthful energies with the sectors supporting this category, as well as, potential investors to supplement the energies or use them in the societal impact in the future.

Among the areas that the site focuses on:
Classifieds for job opportunities and a forum for job seekers to link the right competence to the right place. It also provides exchange rates, weather conditions, valuable information about life in Turkey and many additional services.


Istanbul guide:
The largest database that classifies all areas of Arab business in a comprehensive index with advanced research tools separating the different fields and classifying them according to regions, which makes the guide simple and easy to use while maintaining the effectiveness and accuracy of the results.
It also allows companies to introduce them and provide their services in a distinctive way that reflects professionalism and quality of service through the ability to add static and movable images, the company profile and the services provided, and the guide is divided into the following parts:
• Commercial catalog
• Real estate index
• Tourist index
Health Index
• Educational index
• electronic index


Covering exhibitions, art news, artists, and the latest local and international artwork. In a modern style, it creates an interactive environment between artists and creators from different regions, and an art bazaar to sell art product directly related to the artist and gourmets.


It sheds light on the most important events that concern the Arab communities in the region, from breaking news, events, conferences, and exhibitions.